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Softening System

Water Softener:

Water Softener We are providing water softener systems that are an Ion Exchange device that helps in removing the hardness present in water which is formed by Calcium & Magnesium ions. These ions are then replaced by ions with non-hardness properties. The water softener consists of micro-porous Ion Exchange Resin. As water passes through this resin bead, the present Calcium & Magnesium ions get attach to it & loosely held non-hardness ions are released from the resin into the water.
Features of our range are as follows :
* Improves the efficiency and extends the life of washing machines, dishwasher & water heaters.
* Good for skin & hair and helps in dry skin conditioning such as eczema & psoriasis.
* Reduces soap scum & is helps in effective lathering of soaps, shampoos & detergents.
* Has less clogging property hence washed clothes look softer, cleaner & brighter.
* It saves costs on energy & upto 50% on washing powders, soaps & shampoos etc.